Awake After Midnight EP

by the Beautiful Conspiracy

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released December 10, 2013

Song Writing: the Beautiful Conspiracy
Music: Blair Robb, Ian Robb, Hobotech
Vocals: Ian Robb
Original Production: the Beautiful Conspiracy
Mixing & Production: Jon Hobotech Margulies
Mastering: Huntley Miller
Executive Producer: Ian Robb


all rights reserved



the Beautiful Conspiracy San Diego, California

Seductive Electronica; where the hypnotic rhythm of a moonlit night meets the poetry of the dawn. ⭐⚡⭐

'Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.'
~Lao Tzu

May the music enchant
and leave you dancing
as the beat of our hearts
gently collides
with the night's rhythm
and our souls unite
at the end
of the darkened road
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Track Name: Awake After Midnight
Verse One:
oh I don't believe in much but
i believe in you and
i believe in love and
i see it in all you do
and in you I see
all i could ever be and I'm
the presence that gets to remind you
that your love is True

Verse Two:
so take my hand and
hold on if you want to
it can get cold outside
but the light in your heart
lights a fire in my eyes
and its okay to cry
oh let the tears flow
'cause you know that ill dry
we're gonna get through this
I'm right by your side
and its warm in my arms
and they are open wide
let our love glorify
the compassion to know
the truth that resides
that there's no separation
you n i

and she said
she doesn’t have any more tears left
and she just wants a rest
tired off all the stress- She confessed
been down on her knees all her life
not quite sure how to do a wrong from right
thrown off the back o wild horses all nite
numbing the pain with everything in sight
so she bled
inhaling all she got her hands on
turning tricks to get the fix goin
slept in the streets n getting beat on
to battered n bruised to enjoy the ride
eaten alive by the shame inside
so broken down that her eyes have dried
there’s no more tears left
to cry

and she fled
but in her darkest hour
something started to devour
she felt a higher power
from deep within she let out a song
beauty n music that was there all along
the melody caressed her all night long
all night long
all night long
Track Name: Temptra
Verse 1:
I spark up the light
your mouth waters for a taste of the night
that's right
wasting no time
getting right
to delights
and I know just what you like
hot desert and you tore your dress
the heat's rising
writhing to the beat in your chest
I confess
I feel so blessed
I'm kinda obsessed
when I getcha undressed
black lace
while the angels caress
you feel the heaven within
I taste the heaven below
on the tip
whatever I'm told

hypnotized by lady
I'm under her control
mesmerized by way the she ooooh
what to do
hypnotized by lady
I'm underneath her spell
you never believe what she makes me ooooh
what to
what to do

Verse 2:
baby dontcha feel the wind
lady wontcha kiss my skin
open wide n I'll sink in
drink ya all night 'til the mind don't spin
'til the end of time is where we'll begin
we collide again n again
smile beyond mind
such a beautiful sin
take me to the wrinkle in time
where we can do it all night
again n again n again
Track Name: Joy Ride
If I told you
That I had a Gun
That I had your søn
And we’re taking a ride
On a midnite drive
Like bats outta HeLL
Would you scream and yell
Or would you jump for glee
Because you truly see
That your son and me
We’re thirsty to Be
We’re finally FRee
Leaving bullets behind
Stripping right thru time
Maybe stop and divine
Burning out to shine
Losing øur minds
Sipping drunk on wine
Oh baby one last time
to Die
Now leave the moment behind
Jump back
and freeze the moment rewind

(((Ooøooo oooøoo oooooøh)))

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